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Welcome to the New Poker Site

I want to welcome you all to the new poker site, which is slowly taking form. It is going to be developed throughout the next couple of weeks, so that in the future we'll manage the invitations etc at this site. So bookmark it, and enjoy.


11.12.2006 22:18 - Cato

Wish you all a merry x-mas and a happy new year.

Poker Quiz

09.02.2006 10:30 - Cato

How much poker slang do you know?

Take the quiz.

All Users!

10.01.2006 10:31 - Cato

Sorry to say, that the site's invite script is not up and running. Hopefully this fucntion will be added shortly, therefore it is very important that you update all your contact details in the poker site.

A news e-mail will be sendt to you as soon as the function is live.

Poker TV

10.01.2006 10:26 - Cato

If you would like to watch some poker og casino shows on TV, a Swedish Poker site has a TV-Guide.



01.12.2005 10:57 - Cato

As we are not getting into X-mas there will not be any new game until next year.

We expect the next game to be played the 29th of Jan 2006. Happy hollidays!

Game On

13.06.2005 13:27 - Cato

The next game will be the 25th of June, for those of you that have a life, and want to celebrate "Midt Sommers", though luck...


Invite Delay

27.05.2005 11:00 - Cato


Sorry for the delay for invites. The invites were just sendt out, and we need your reply by Monday.

Other that that I must say that the online invite function has been delayed. But will be updated during this summer.

You may view the current invite status by clicking "Invites" in the menu.

Please note the following dates:
Answer by: Monday 30th of May
Pay by: Wednesday 1st of June


Domain Online

24.04.2005 17:57 - Cato

Well, belive it or not, the domain is already online just under 2 hours later.


Domain Ordered

24.04.2005 16:41 - Cato

Well, a domain is now being ordered. So within 24 hours, the site will be operating under poker-night.net.

If you would like an e-mail adress at this domain, please let me know, and I'll set up an e-mail forward.


24.04.2005 11:28 - Cato


You will recieve an e-mail during next week from this site, please take the time to read through it and update all datafields, pref. with 2 e-mail adresses and a telephone number.

More info to follow...

New poker site up and running

24.04.2005 01:28 - Cato

As Mr. Mikkelsen has left the country and the poker team, a new site has been created. Site is still under development but plans are in action to get everything in order.

This is what we got so far:
- Complete ranking list
- User profiles
- Game Stats
- Rules
- House Rules
- New domain is now up and running
- User login and site password protection
- Links to pictures for each tournament, where available

- Automated invite function from this site
- More data in profiles
- Pictures in each profile
- Import pictures from gallery.c-zone.nu
- Admin Tool
- Ability to scale site for other tournaments/games (WIP)
- Multilingual interface

Please look into the site every now and then to see changes and updates.

Ã?ber Webmaster!